Who is Durrrr on Full Tilt Poker?


At only 23 years old, Dwan has become one of the most widely used poker players in the world, winning millions playing on the internet, and appearing on Full Tilts’High Stakes Poker’ shows, but how did a teenager change the face of online poker and win millions?

As a teenager he played fun with his family, however he was 17 years old he determined to try his luck online poker. He generated  dominobet an account in PokerStars, utilizing the alias Holdem_NL, also deposited $50. He began playing $6 sit n go tournaments, and pulled all of it when he found himself around $14 left his account. He had a good run nevertheless and soon grew the 50 into several hundreds and decided cash games was where he could earn maximum money. He became a member of Two Plus Two (most popular poker discussion ), and started milling at the very low bet cash games. Dwan was a regular winner and was moving up in stakes as his bankroll .

So on Dwan found himself playing $10/$20 No-Limit HoldCeltics and was beating the games, that have been the biggest stakes available online at the time. Being such a prolific winner at the greatest games available attracted a lot of attention to Dwan and soon the entire poker community was talking about him. Now the $10/$20 bets just weren’t high enough to Dwan and he travelled looking for bigger online poker games, and that’s when he found European poker internet sites which offered $200/$400 headsup tables. Yet again Dwan proved to be the biggest winner in the games however action dry out and no-one wished to play him against himforcing him to hunt for yet another brand new room to play with at.

He soon learned the Full Tilt Poker had began hosting the maximum stake games available on the web and immediately created a merchant account, this time around with a new alias. He chose to proceed by the name of’durrrr’ from the hope of tilting his competitors when they lost . As-usual Dwan started beating the No-Limit Hold’em games, however there was lots of top bet Omaha activity and Dwan found himself losing his winnings. Dwan persisted though and soon began winning the PLO games making him online pokers biggest money earner.

Despite crushing the web games for years, 2009 was without doubt his most exciting year. As well as his continued victory playing online, he announced the now famous’durrrr challenge’, challenging anyone (except for close friend Phil’OMGClayAiken’ Galfond)to play with him heads-up multi-tabling four tables in $200/$400 stakes for 50,000 hands or until somebody quits, with the opponent having the option of match selection – either NLHE or PLO. Dwan has given 3:1 odds for his rivals, whether he wins they have to pay him $500,000 but if his opponent wins Dwan must pay $1.5 million, then this on top of their winnings on the 50k hands! Finnish high stakes poker player Patrik Antonius has been the very first to accept the struggle, preferring to playing PLO, and their game remains continuing because of conflicting schedules.

In addition to this, he also set a live edition of the challenge, with English player Sammy’Any Two’ George being the first ever to accept. The live version has a $500,000 buy-in with dividers of $500/$1, 000 and will last for 500 hands until somebody makes the decision to stop.

He won it throughout filming to the fourth season of Full Tilt Pokers’Million Dollar Cash Game’, with Phil Ivey being the gamer to cover off his straight.

And in just 2-3 yrs old Dwan was considered for pokers greatest honour this year, being nominated to the WSOP Hall of Fame. Even though Dwan wasn’t inducted, it shows precisely how much of an influence he’s received on the poker universe, online especially, also he will unquestionably be considered a Hall of Famer at the long run.

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